My Thoughts: Pain and Suffering


Every time I feel pain, either physical or emotional, I remind myself that this pain will make me stronger and that whatever comes my way will be a challenge that I will be able to face with strength and gratitude. I know that it will also be an opportunity to grow in Spirit and peace; always remembering that tomorrow is a new day. I’m confident that each day will bring new and exciting blessings.

My Thoughts: Looking into the Eyes of my Dog


Sometimes when I look into the eyes of my dog, I understand that all of God’s creatures have a loving spirit, and my soul is blessed.

“Perhaps one central reason for loving dogs is that they take us away from this obsession with ourselves. When our thoughts start to go in circles, and we seem unable to break away, wondering what horrible event the future holds for us, the dog opens a window into the delight of the moment.”
~Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Benne Roo Ball, our beloved Italian Greyhound passed away recently after blessing our lives for 12 amazing years. Our family will miss him until the day we each greet him in Heaven. Benne, you will be loved forever… 

Photo used with permission from my daughter, Debbie Nania:

My Thoughts: Rise Above the Storm


When there is a storm in the air all of the other birds seem to seek refuge, but the eagle flies above the storm and observes what is happening. Sometimes I will hear him speaking high above the trees. I want to be more like the eagle and rise above the storms in my life. Thank you Father

My Thoughts: Walking the Trail


~When I am walking on the trail, I realize that my inner spirit is guiding me, and I know that I am never alone. This gives me the strength to walk my path with confidence and assurance that whatever decision I make in my life I will be led to do the right thing.

~I desire to always be known by the tracks I have made.  Every day is like a dance, and I pray that I will have a good dance each day, and give thanks for my new direction.

~My friends can walk beside me, but we must each walk our own path.

~I desire to be able to accept with gratitude the gifts God has given me; to understand myself and my shortcomings, and to thank God for everything!

~I want to grow with honesty, integrity, and to always love others as I love myself.

Praying For America, My Prayer For Today

Today I am praying for our broken Nation, praying for all of my friends and relatives; thanking our Creator for everything that is positive that he has created for our world. We all need to pray for our leaders including Donald Trump! Please join me! Thanks.

Some of My New Exotic Wood Flutes


These flutes are some of my new favorites! They are made from the exotic woods, Purple Heart and Padauk Orange. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they all have beautiful voices. It is such a pleasure to work with these gorgeous, natural woods!

My Thoughts: The Spirit of the Flute, A Song of the Heart

Today, while walking in the woods and playing my flute, I realized how much the voice of the flute was like my own voice.  The song comes from my heart and moves through the wood as a form of a prayer. The outside beauty of the flute has little to do with its voice. Just like people, what is on the outside, or how they look, should have nothing to do with what is on the inside.

We need to learn to look for beauty from within. What a person says and does shows through their actions, and often their actions are show their true spirit.

As an artist, I endeavor to make each flute beautiful. However, it is the sound of the flute that is truly important. Each flute that I create has a special voice – no two are exactly alike. Each kind of wood produces a different vibration, and the voice is never the same. In addition, the person playing the flute makes it sound different! Each flute is truly unique. The wood comes from mother earth, and all of her children are unique.

Why do the animals and birds like the voice of the flutes?  Why do we feel calm and at peace when we hear that voice? Different sounds give us different feelings. What a pleasure to play an instrument that has been played on this earth for thousands of years.


Flute Coatings


I finish each of my flutes using several coats of shellac, which is a natural finish that comes from the female lac bug. These little insects are found on trees in the forests of Thailand and India. They secrete a resin that is deposited on the bark of a tree. The flakes of this resin are then gathered and dissolved in ethanol to make liquid shellac.

I put several coats of this finish on the inside and outside of my flutes. Shellac is a natural product that does not fade in sunlight or oxidize over time. The finish is non-toxic and safe. This gives the flute a rich, natural look that will last for many years.

I also condition my flutes with another natural product that is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil. If you own one of my flutes, I highly recommend that you regularly use a product called Feed-N-Wax to keep your flute continually protected. You can purchase it at any hardware store. It is quick and easy to use – simply rub on, let stand 20 minutes and wipe clean. Then polish with a clean cloth.

I use Feed-N-Wax on all of my flutes, whether they have been shellaced or not.