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This was a cold one. -55F was the temperature outside when I photographed this giant. I was in the northern range of Yellowstone Nation Park on a blustery February day in…

Out West was taken at the edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Western Colorado is filled with dramatic landscapes like this and crazy fast hitting storms that seem…

Porphyry Basin is a wonderful basin located in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado. During a few special weeks a year, one might be lucky enough too catch the…

The Bullion King is a magical place during the hot summer months of Southern Colorado. Located at around 12,500ft, this rolling glade of tiny alpine wildflowers brings about a magical…

Great Gray Owls are always super challenging to find at the southern reaches of their habitat. This photo was taken deep in the woods of Yellowstone far away from any…

The Woodsman depicts a freshly rubbed bull elk glistening in the wet of a late summer rain shower. Tis bull elk silently walked out of the dark timber to this…

The Forest Ghost patiently waits out the fog and rain among the comfort of the tall timbers. He rests until the fog thickens so deeply he visually disappears. When the…

A Profile of a Woodsman Depicts a 6x6 bull elk in the dark timbers of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. With freshly shed velvet, this bull stands guard over his…

A pair of pack horses wait their opportunity to head deep into the San Juan Mountains for an adventure.

In the waking hours of morning, a majestic black horse stands forefront of the mighty Mt. Sneffles. I believe this to be a packhorse waiting for the opportunity to head…

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