My name is Howard Ball. I am a husband, father, grandfather of 10, great-grandfather of three, and a flute maker! I have made Native American -style flutes for friends and family for over 20 years. I am now making my flutes available for everybody.

I recently sold my business of twenty-some years and in my “retirement”, I am pursuing my passion for Native American-style flute making. My other passions include my wife of almost 55 years (Yay us!!!) my kids and grandkids, my dog – Riley, hiking, horses, playing guitar, dancing at local powwows, creating my outfits and regalia for powwow dancing, making new friends, and playing my flutes.

“I find the sound that comes from the Native American flute is like a prayer coming straight from the heart of the player as it duplicates the sounds of Nature. I call this sound the voice of the flute. I believe that is why even the animals and birds love flute music. My wish is for my flutes to have a positive influence on your life, making it more relaxing and peaceful!” ~Sincerely, Howard Ball

If you have any questions about my flutes please contact me via E-mail at: suncrowflutes@gmail.com

I’ve also written a detailed explanation of How To Choose Which Flute is Right for You that may be helpful.

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