All About Drone Flutes

slide3The drone flute is of Aztec origin and has two or more flutes built together. The drone chamber plays a fixed note which the other flute can play against in harmony. It is thought that the first drone flutes were made from the Calima native culture of Central America. They had four holes in each of the chambers.

These Native American-Style Drone Flutes have a very special sound, almost like that of a bag pipe. They are available in different woods and each one has a special voice. A beginner can easily make beautiful music with one of these unique flutes. The fingering is very similar to the standard flute with the exception that you have two flutes in one. One will play the normal notes and other will play the single note in whatever key that the flute is tuned. Drone Flutes are a mystical, magical hybrid of the traditional Native American style flute. It has the same features of that flute, but with an added chamber that allows you to play an accompanying drone, creating magical harmonies. It sounds like two flutes playing at once!!!