The Elderberry, A Branch that Makes Music

This is a Native American-Style flute made from an Elderberry
branch that 
I found while on a hike in my area.

The Native Americans used to make flutes out of Elderberry stalks. (branches) They would hollow out the stems and remove the pith from the inside of the stalk. Setting aside the pith for later and used it as tinder to start fires. In the old days, everything that the Creator gave the native people was used

Once the branch was hollowed-out they could blow on one end to get a sound, kind of like blowing into an empty bottle. Next, they carefully bore evenly-spaced holes in the branch. By placing their fingers on the holes along the branch they could play a melody. Removing their fingers one at a time they learned to play different notes. It was said that whistles were made the same way, as well as ceremonial pipes. They also used the sticks to make a beat that was used to dance or sing by clapping them together.

Elderberry Stalks

The Elderberry was considered a sacred tree by the Cherokee and many of the native tribes. Every part of the elderberry was used: the stem, the pith, the bark, the leaves, the flowers, and the berries! A tea could be made by drying the flowers. Elderberry Syrup was made from the berries and is still used today by many to treat and shorten the duration of colds and the flu. Some people even make wine and jelly from the berries.


I’m always in awe of nature and find it amazing that I can go on a hike near my house and find a bush or tree with so many incredible uses. Making flutes and music from Elderberry branches is my new favorite way to create. The branches make a beautiful looking flute that also happens to have a gorgeous voice.

Elderberry Bush 

I also just this week read that Prince Harry and his fiance, Meghan Markle are planning on having a Lemon and Elderflower Wedding Cake!!!  YUM! 

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