Oak Walking Staff Flute

Update: This Flute is now SOLD!

I make a flute that doubles as a Walking Staff. I use this kind of flute while hiking in the woods and hills near my home. This style of flute can be used to help with balance or for relaxing and playing a song. The flute is made of solid Oak, designed as a long staff. It can also be used for protection. I was a Karate and Jiu Jitsu instructor for many years and I used to give lessons on how to protect yourself with a staff approximately this same size. We called it a Bo Staff.  The only difference is that the Bo Staff wouldn’t make music!

I’ve marked this beautiful, oak Walking Staff Flute down this week! Here’s the link: Walking Staff Flutes 

Featured Special: Oak Flute with Turquoise Inlay

I’ve inlaid this beautiful sounding, medium-toned, oak flute with authentic turquoise and I am offering it for a limited time only at the special, reduced price of $145. Regularly priced at $185, this is a great deal.

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Sale! Medium-Toned Poplar Native American Flute

Update: This flute is SOLD! 

This beautiful, six hole, poplar flute, tuned in the key of C is on sale! The regular price is $125. I have marked it down to $95. Purchase Here 

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