How to Choose a Flute

The sound quality of a flute is influenced by the pitch of the flute, and the size of the flute, as well as the type of wood. Focusing on the pitch, you can choose a flute from the following ranges.

High Tone (Soprano) Flutes

Soprano (small size) flutes play with a high pitch. They come in the keys of A, G, and D minor. These are the highest pitch flutes.

Medium Tone (Tenor Flutes)

Tenor flutes (medium size) and are the most versatile. These are often called ‘Love Flutes.’ They come in the keys of A, G, F#, and E minor pentatonic.

Low tone (Bass) Flutes

Bass flutes (large size) are deep-toned and produce a soft, haunting voice. These are often called ‘Grandfather Flutes’ and they come in the keys of D, C, B, and A minor pentatonic
(D minor flutes are highest pitched flute in this range)

Drone Flutes

Drone flutes are two-flutes-in-one. In the alto/tenor range, you can play a continuous drone through the left chamber, while playing the melody on the right. Or, you can play the melody on the right chamber independently as a solo flute. Drone Flutes come in the keys A, G, and F# minor pentatonic .

Flute Sizes

Suncrow Flutes are made in various sizes and keys. Each flute has a specific finger-hole spacing. The key of the flute relates not only to its pitch, but also to its physical size.

The small size flute is easy for a child or an adult with smaller hands to play. This flute is very popular with people who want to carry their flute in their pocket.

The medium size flute (Love Flute) is ideal for the average person to play. The finger- hole spacing is within reach of any adult.

The large flutes (Bass Flutes)  are better with someone with larger hands because of the distance between the  holes. The deeper the tone of the flute the farther apart are the finger holes, thus a little harder for a person with small hands to play.

Walking Staff  Flutes are Bass Flutes and are keyed in deeper tones.

Drone flutes, being two-flutes-in-one, will take a little time to comfortably play. They are wider and take a little more breath to play both chambers at the same time.

Also, please see A Look at the Different Woods Used in My Flute Making for more details on the various woods used in my flutes.

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