Songs: Listen as I perform some of my favorite songs. All music is performed by me, Howard Ball.

      Sound of Nature

      Eagles Playing in the Canyon

      There are Drums

Poems, Prayers, and Songs: Listen as I recite poems, prayers, and songs, accompanied by my flute music and drums.

Listen as I recite this Western song and poem, Shifting Whispering Sands, written by Vivian Clark Gilbert and his wife, Mary Margaret Hadler. It was first recorded in 1955 by Rusty Draper. My favorite recording was by Johnny Cash. To view the lyrics, please visit my Blog Post .

      Shifting Whispering Sands

This song,  Men With Broken Hearts, was written and originally recorded by Hank Williams in 1951.

      Men With Broken Hearts

For the written words to this recitation of Psalm 23, as well as a story and photos, please see my blog post, Native American Version of the Twenty Third Psalm (Psalm 23) 

      Native American Version of Psalm 23

For the lyrics and a bit more about this song, please see my blog post: As Long as the Grass Shall Grow: Recitation and Flute Accompaniment by Howard Ball.

      As Long As the Grass Shall Grow

For more information, historic photos, and the words to this poem, written by me, Howard Ball, please see my blog post: Ceremony of Tears, a Poem About the Building of Grand Coulee Dam and a Tribute to the Local Native People.

      Ceremony of Tears

Videos: Watch as I play my flute (in the studio) to videos filmed in nature in my area in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

The video of this beautiful stream was filmed in the Liberty Lake Regional Park in Liberty Lake, Washington in the Spokane, Washington area. I live in Liberty Lake and the Liberty Lake Regional Park is a very special place for me. My father, Howard T. Ball had a role in preserving this gorgeous land in Eastern Washington. I will be publishing a blog post about his role soon.